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Our 2017 Appeal: We need your help to go on and grow.

The Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought is an American educational and research organization that relies only on our donors for operating expenses and to fund our programs.  Since 2009 we have taken on the mission of approaching conservative leaders and intellectuals from the three Americas founded upon the understanding (and the hope) that the establishment of an international conservative community of scholars, political leaders, and cultural analysts is crucial for facing the ever growing challenges posed by cultural and political forces that menace the foundations of the Western civilization. Today, more than ever, it should be clear that not all threats to America are homebred, and not all cultural and political movements can be properly understood and opposed without observing, researching, and studying how they operate abroad. To create an international community of conservative scholars and leaders so that they can exchange reliable information, educate one another, and share their knowledge with the public is the heart of the mission of the Inter-American Institute, a mission which is not only important but urgent.

If you value our mission, our commentary articles, essays, lectures, and courses, please participate in this fund-raising drive. If you understand the importance and urgency of supporting the continuance and promoting the growth of our small but valiant community, consider making a donation for the 2017 year.

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